Nexus One Desktop Dock now available, selling for $45

January 28, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

Accessories, Docks

Nexus One Desktop Dock now available, selling for $45

The desktop dock for the Nexus One is now available. Those interested can purchase the dock directly from Google, expect to pay $45. Of course, the Desktop Dock will charge your Nexus One, however there is more to it than just that. Other features that the dock will take care of include automatically launching the Clock app when placed into the dock and from there you will be able to check the weather, set (or clear) an alarm, play music or view your photos. We also cannot forget about the Bluetooth A2DP support and the 3.5mm audio-out jack on the back. Finally, it should be pointed out that the Nexus One Desktop Dock does not sync with your PC, it simply serves to charge and play media.

[Google via Twitter @etseng]