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Motorola Devour — spotted looking nice in silver

January 4, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Motorola Devour — spotted looking nice in silver

It looks like the Motorola Devour has been spotted sporting a new silver finish. The image came courtesy of a BGR tipster, who was kind enough to provide not only a few details, but also a non-blurry image.

As far as the details, the keyboard was noted as being “nice” and the phone was “easier to use” as compared to the Motorola DROID. Personally, I was not aware that the DROID was hard to use, but that last portion was pretty generic and could really mean a few things. That said, for what it means, at least the Devour will be easy to use.

Feature wise, the Devour will offer MOTOBLUR as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and come with a 1420mAh battery.

A few interesting parts include the fact that the Devour has lost the trackpad on the keyboard that some have complained about on the DROID. Additionally, the Devour, or at least this Devour did not have a SIM card slot which means it will not be global device.

Still, nothing has been noted in terms of a release date, carrier or pricing. But with that, we have CES, MWC and CTIA all coming up shortly. So maybe Motorola will offer this up sooner than later.

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