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IDC says Android will be #2 OS by 2013

January 25, 2010 | by Marin Perez


IDC says Android will be #2 OS by 2013

Get ready to see that lovable green robot more often, as a new report from IDC says Android will be the second-most popular mobile operating system by 2013.

“Android will experience the fastest growth of any mobile OS. Starting from a very small base of just 690,000 units in 2008, total Android-powered shipment will reach 68.0 million units by 2013 … Android will benefit from having a growing footprint of handset vendors supporting it and will finish second to Symbian by 2013,” IDC said in its report.

It’s not a surprise that Android is picking up steam, as every major manufacturer except for Nokia is on board. I do think the speed of adoption is somewhat unexpected. The report said the OS is becoming a key ingredient in the mobile space and the wrong choice could be the difference between success and failure.

Symbian will still be number one mainly because it is in so many phones. Research In Motion is still killing it with the BlackBerry, so don’t look for them to go away either. As for iPhone, it’s going to be popular for a long time and Apple has never been too concerned with market share as long as their profit margins are up. It will be interesting to see how next month’s Windows Mobile 7 announcement impacts these adoption rates.