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HP’s netbook that you’re unworthy to own

January 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


HP’s netbook that you’re unworthy to own

HP wants you to know that they have an Android netbook that’s pretty damn sweet. The only problem is that they also want you to know that you can’t have it. HP revealed itself to be nothing but a tease as it displayed a concept netbook that uses a Snapdragon processor, loads fast, tweaks Android appropriately for netbooks, and looks fairly decent. It then promptly reminded everyone who asked that the company has no plans to develop this netbook for release to the general public. “This is just a technology demo. We’re not talking about productization at all.”

Why did HP do it? Because they can. Literally; that’s their explanation. “We just wanted to showcase what is possible.”

They showed something nice, I must say. The netbook has a 10-inch, full-touchscreen, runs Android, includes new custom widgets, an app dock at the bottom, custom new photo galleries, UI tweaks, a new music library and player app, and a new file manager among many other things. All of that on top of 12 hours of battery life. Imagine playing apps, browsing the web, typing docs, looking at photos, and playing games for a work day and still being unable to bust a battery.

Hey, HP, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but…maybe you ought to look into making this something people can actually buy.