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Having 3G issues with your Nexus One? There may be a simple fix

January 20, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Having 3G issues with your Nexus One? There may be a simple fix

Not owning a Nexus One myself I cannot verify this personally, but I have heard from several people that there are certain issues surrounding the 3G connectivity. Thankfully though, there seems to be a fix, and an easy fix at that.

According to Kevin Tofel from jkOnTheRun, he was having issues with the 3G on his Nexus One. And not willing to take that as it was, he did some comparisons between the Nexus One and a G1 using the same SIM that showed the G1 connecting to 3G while the Nexus One would still be on EDGE.

Anyway, the fix.

In “Settings,” I went to “Wireless & networks.” Look for the “Mobile Networks” option at the bottom of this listing. The next screen has a “Network Operators” section — tap it. Your Nexus One will search for compatible GSM networks in the area. Once it’s complete, you’ll see the choices, which will consist of T-Mobile and/or AT&T. You’ll also see a choice to Select Automatically — tap it and your phone should say “Registered on network.” That’s it. That’s all I did and I immediately saw the phone jump from EDGE to T-Mobile’s fast 3G network.

Of course, while this is nice to see, if this is actually a widespread issue we can only hope that Nexus One owners will be given an update that will correct the issue.

[via jkOnTheRun]