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Geodelic releases app to more users, aims to be YouTube of geo-content

January 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Geodelic releases app to more users, aims to be YouTube of geo-content

Geodelic, makers of the popular Android app Sherpa, have announced that a similar version of their flagship app is now available as “Geodelic” to Android phones. Previously an exclusive to the T-Mobile-tied G1 and myTouch, Geodelic is open to Android and iPhone users on multiple carriers in multiple nations. The “Sherpa” name will continue to be available only on T-Mobile USA devices, as will the “adaptive learning” aspect of the app, but the new “Geodelic” app will provide a number of location-based search options.

In addition to being available to more users, Geodelic (the company) will be sharing more types of content, including hyper-local maps. Hotels and theme parks have guides on how to get visitors to a location, but things are a little more difficult once a person reaches that venue. Geodelic founder Rahul Sonnad shared that his company is launching new partnerships for “location-based publishing” that helps brands address this issue. (As seen with their iPhone Halloween Horrors Night app that provided an on-site map of Universal Studios).

Later this month, Geodelic will debut a framework to allow anyone to create an “Experience,” custom data on a location that will display through Geodelic. One possible use of this would be to create a convention map so attendees can have a better understanding of what booths to visit and where certain sessions are located. This will be a “free-and-open experience” that will not cost personal users, according to Sonnad.

Other important information gathered from the interview:

* The custom experiences could be for airports, conventions, or neighbors. We could also see some premium maps where users could sell a custom city guide for $1 or ads displayed in certain areas, but all content will initially be free.

* Geodelic aims to be the YouTube or Hulu of location-publishing. In the same manner that these websites act as a central platform for user-created and premium content, Geodelic would be a centralized place for geo-content. The company will offer tools to make it easier for companies and consumers to add content that taps into Geodelic’s UI without requiring any development. “It’s like creating your own little app through the phone,” said Sonnad.

* Geodelic is still U.S. only in terms of the official content that ties into other services like CitySearch or Yelp, but the upcoming custom-creation experience will allow for global content creation.

* Upcoming features also include the ability to tap into social networking. For instance, users can share via Facebook, Email, or Twitter that a theme park ride is good and encourage others to visit it.

UPDATE: This post mistakenly made it seem like Sherpa was available to all Android users. I’ve updated the post reflect that a similar app called Geodelic is available on multiple carriers and more countries. Geodelic is made by the same people who made Sherpa, but it is not the same app. The new app is listed in every market on Androlib, so I’m assuming that the app is in several countries now. Sorry for the confusion.

Geodelic Intro Reel from Geodelic Systems on Vimeo.