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Androinica’s Android at CES 2010 Round-Up

January 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Androinica’s Android at CES 2010 Round-Up

CES 2010 is over. The displays have been broken down, the taxis have moved on to other areas, and the many Android-based devices that were exhibited have been put back on the shelf for the moment. This was my first CES and it was a hectic affair, so here’s an abbreviated roundup of some of the big Android-related news you may have missed or wanted to know more about.

Phone Announcements/Videos

LG unveils GT 540
LG pulled a fast one on me. I asked someone if they were unveiling any new Android phones and she told me no, but I found out the next day that they had a decent new product called the LG GT 540. I guess she wanted an element of surprise for people walking the floor, so I’ll forgive her for making me wait until the last minute to take a look at it. See for yourself with this hands-on video.

Nexus One and XPERIA X10 hands-on
Nexus One vs. XPERIA X10? The devil’s in the details as GoogleAndBlog said, but I’ve already sided with the Devil in the Blue Dress. I got a hands-on and product demo with the XPERIA X10 that was enough to make me choose the X10 provided it costs $600 or less pre-subsidy and comes to the U.S. Yes, the hands-on I got with the Nexus One was also impressive enough to warrant a purchase, but I just wanted the X10 despite its shortcomings.

AT&T Finally gets sweet on Android w/ Motorola Backflip
I was traveling when I heard the news that AT&T stopped dragging its feet and confirmed that it would carry that Motorola Backflip. I played with the device for a bit and had mixed feelings. It felt comfortable and the gimmicky motion and touch sensor will need more vetting, but I think there will definitely be a market for some people interested in this phone. It’s already better than the CLIQ, which I never really liked too much.

Hands-on with the Saygus VPhone
Android’s first video calling phone will most likely be the Saygus VPhone. This product has an obvious distinction between it and other Android competitors but will it be enough for the company to become a major force in the market? Watch the hands-on and decide for yourself.

Motorola introduces Android-powered home phone (via AAM)

Dell announces Android-based tablet (via AndroidGuys)

App Demos/News

Sherpa is now available for non-T-Mobile USA customers as Geodelic. The company behind the app has some big plans for it that will debut later this month.

Truphone debuted it’s Wi-Fi, VoIP, calling, and chatting application that integrates several services into one. (Truphone was a finalist for the CES Mobile App Showdown)

Nimbuzz provided a demo for its calling app, as well.

Slacker Radio announced support for station caching. Now users can listen to their music even if a connection is lost.


Android in Non-Smartphone Use

MIPS demo’s Android-based set-top box

One of my favorite things about CES was the trend of companies promising convergence between TV sets and media content. None impressed me as much as MIPS, which demo’d a set-top box running Android that searches for your content automatically and works across devices. MIPS is a company that builds platforms rather than products, but I loved seeing the products built upon their framework. Expect to see big things related to MIPS this year; click here to see a video demo and learn more about the company.

Nimble brings Android to washers, microwaves, and media hubs

While attending CES, I had the chance to meet a number of great bloggers, including the team from AndroidAndMe. Taylor told me about a company using washing machines, microwaves, and other products, which seemed too ridiculous for me to not visit. After talking with the team, I could see some practical uses for these features (saving profiles for laundry types/auto re-rinse, networking printers to Android devices, installing cooking or music apps in the microwave to help cook). Read AAM’s post about these products and see a video demo, too.

Netbooks, and notebooks, and MID’s…oh my!

I jokingly tweeted that if I saw one more ereader at CES, someone was getting punched in the face. Android was responsible for a number of those readers and other media devices.

The most impressive of all was Inbrics’ media hub/TV set-up. I stumbled across their booth and thought the Korean company had some of the best products on display. Read the post about their MID/TV/phone products here and see a few hands-on videos.