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Android Gaining Ground In U.S.A.

January 21, 2010 | by Marin Perez


Android Gaining Ground In U.S.A.

Google’s mobile operating system is picking up steam in the United States, as AdMob said it accounted for more than a quarter of mobile advertising requests for last quarter.

AdMob is a mobile ad company that was recently acquired by Google, and it releases quarterly metrics on which platforms are the most popular. While its statistics aren’t comprehensive because it only covers AdMob’s clients, it does give some good insight into mobile browsing patterns.

The latest report said Android accounted for 27% of mobile ad requests in the North American market, a sizable jump from previous months. It’s not hard to guess that the massive success of the Motorola Droid was a major contributor to this, as it is the first Verizon phone that makes browsing the Web and using apps easy and intuitive. The North American market is Android’s best by far, AdMob said.

While this is encouraging for Android, it is still dwarfed worldwide by Apple and Nokia. Apple accounts for 40% of the North American market, and it is strong in nearly every region. Nokia is still strong in regions like Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.