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Yfrog app now available for Android 1.5 and later

December 11, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Yfrog app now available for Android 1.5 and later

Yfrog has recently announced the availability of a new app for Android users. Basically, the app will allow for quick image and video uploads for Twitter users. But in addition, the app will also allow you to view tweets and search Yfrog as well as view your followers and any messages or mentions.

The Yfrog app features:

  • Tweet images and video to twitter
  • View tweets
  • View followers and people you’re following
  • View messages and mentions
  • Search Twitter
  • Queue multiple uploads
  • Included GPS location with upload
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Videos up to 15 minutes
  • High quality video encoding

The nice part here, at least for those that like video is the 15 minute length, and high quality encoding.

Finally, the Yfrog app is available for those running Android OS 1.5 or later and can be downloaded by pointing your browser here.

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