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Turn your Android phone into an image-to-text scanner with SnapIt

December 10, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Turn your Android phone into an image-to-text scanner with SnapIt

Everyone has at some point read an interesting tidbit in a magazine and then purchased the mag, ripped a page out, scribbled on a napkin, or snapped a photo with a cellphone. With Android app SnapIt, you can avoid spending money or destroying paper and just let your phone be your own personal scanner.

SnapIt is a $1.99 app that can take photos of paragraphs in books, newspapers, and magazines, then convert the image to editable text. Give the limitations of Android cameras, SnapIt can scan only certain passages at a time, but it can prove fairly accurate and useful under the right conditions. Once an image is scanned, users have the option to crop and focus on a certain section, convert the words to text, and then send the text as an SMS message or email. It can even lead to translation online.

Below is a video showing an example of SnapIt in-use and a step-by-step collection of screenshots to show the process.


When SnapIt is launched, the image may be out of focus. Select the “+” icon and the image will autofocus.


Once the camera focuses and a photo is taken, press the “a” icon to convert to text or select the portrait icon to crop and focus on a certain portion of the image, as seen here:


The red square can be relocated to highlight only the desired text.


Your image is now text! Press the stamp icon to share it or press the “Hello” icon to launch a link to translation.