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Sprint and HTC confirm Android 2.0 update for HTC Hero and Samsung Moment

December 11, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Sprint and HTC confirm Android 2.0 update for HTC Hero and Samsung Moment

Well, the time’s finally here. We have finally received word, officially, as to when a release for the next big update for Google’s Android will come. But, it’s not all flower pedals and butterflies, as the update has only been confirmed for one demographic of non DROID users: Sprint.

That’s right. As of about 4PM Central time, Sprint confirmed via Twitter that the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will be upgraded to 2.0, or Eclair. They didn’t say an exact time or date, giving us only a cryptic “1H 2010″. What that means, folks, is that the update could come January, or the update could come by June. That’s right. They’ve got themselves quite a window there to work with, so don’t start holding your breath. They could, perhaps, do a Verizon-kind-of-manipulation of the English language, and get that update out the first week of January, but we’ll bank on some time later.

Also, no word on how you’ll get the update either. Depending on the size, it could be OTA (over-the-air), or you might have to side-load it from a computer. In the case of the HTC Hero available from Sprint, I think the latter is an option, as they have put the updates to their phones on their support site for quite some time. Though, because it is a carrier-branded phone, Sprint may push it out themselves, so who knows. But, there you go, Sprint Hero and Samsung Moment owners. You’ve got something to look forward to, and it’s not just a rumor. Congratulations!