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shoot it! creates printed postcards created on Android devices

December 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


shoot it! creates printed postcards created on Android devices

In an age of calling cards, IM, email, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes, it’s hard to believe that people still send postcards to their loved ones. Though it would seem like modern technology has mostly replaced the classic modes of communication, shoot it! is trying to merge the two together.

shoot it! is a postcard service that lets users create a greeting with their Android phone and then have a 4 x 6 paper postcard sent to someone they choose. People can take photos of iconic images of where they visit or snapshots of themselves in new places, and then arrange to have that image printed and mailed to friends or family. Users can select addresses in their contacts or type in an address manually.

The cost of one of these postcards is 99 cents in the US; $1.24 for other North American countries, Great Britian, and Japan; and $1.49 for Western Europe and Asia. After users add their personal message and pay this fee, shoot it! prints a high-quality card stock postcard that is mailed by the following business day. *At the moment, postcards can only be sent from the US and Western Europe.

Travelers, military personnel, and annoying college roommates who decide to backpack through Europe after graduation rather than get a job like the rest of us, even though they still owe us $300 for that last month of rent, will probably find shoot it! to be very useful. Visit for more information.