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Rumor Mill: Motorola Motus ready to flip onto AT&T

December 11, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Rumor Mill: Motorola Motus ready to flip onto AT&T

No FCC filings this time, just pure rumor mill. Remember the Motorola Motus? We showed it off a few weeks back. It’s the one with that crazy, flip-out keyboard shot with that amazingly bad blurry cam. While initial reports had the device going to T-Mobile, it looks like some specs have caused a stir in that idea. Now labeled as having the appropriate 3G bands (850 and 1900) for AT&T, the Motus may be destined for the second-largest carrier in the United States.

Thanks to a tipster for Engadget Mobile, we’ve got some more details to send your way.

  • The keyboard does in fact flip backwards (so that nickname “Backflip” wasn’t all that off), so that when the device is closed, you can still see the numbers. There’s apparently a trackpad on the backside of the keyboard as well, so that scrolling is handled while in landscape mode.
  • There’s a third hinge on the device that keeps the device upright, while it’s set up on your desk, or where ever else you might put it down to watch videos, or watch a clock.
  • Apparently, there’s a 5MP camera with LED flash mounted on the keyboard, which is meant to be used as a webcam. You can see it positioned in the bottom-left of the keyboard: the white dot, with the red pinpoint right beneath it.
  • It’s running MotoBlur, which is good for some, bad for others.
  • The keys are apparently domed, and have a backlight.


Now, the last part of the tip supposedly has the device running a 1 GHz Snadragon processor. That seems a bit of a reach, considering that the device, for all intents and purposes, seems to be a cousin of the Motorola CLIQ. Earlier reports had the Motus running a 528 MHz MSM 7201A processor, which makes more sense. In any case, no one would shun the Motus for having Snapdragon, it just seems far-fetched. Other specs haven’t been changed: 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, a MicroSD card slot, and Android 1.6. We can still hope that changes before launch. It should change before launch.

And lastly, the tipster reported that the Motus wouldn’t be ready for prime time until April or May of 2010. That’s a ways away, and if it is true, AT&T seems to be trying as hard as they can to be taking the lazy man’s approach to adopting Google’s Operating System. And if the other rumors regarding other phones going to AT&T aren’t true, then it looks like AT&T is set for a very late Android start, with one of the most . . . “intriguing” Android devices we’ve ever seen. What are your thoughts? If you’re on AT&T and waiting for an Android phone, is this what you’ve been waiting for?

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