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PogoPlug app now available for Android

December 8, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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PogoPlug app now available for Android

The other day I mentioned the update that was available for the SugarSync app and noted the nice features that SugarSync offers. Well, they are not the only “access your files from the cloud” service that is worth mentioning. The other, or at least the other that I am familiar with and like is called PogoPlug.

First things first though, PogoPlug is a little different than SugarSync in that it requires a little device in use at home, in which that little device will give you the access to your files while on the go. I will say that from personal experience, PogoPlug is easy to use and easy to set up. The other really nice part here is that there are no monthly fees. You just purchase the PogoPlug (for home) for $129 and then begin the setup process and have access via your Android app, as well as an iPhone app or even a web interface.

Anyway, for those Android users that were interested in a PogoPlug but were holding back waiting for an app, the wait is over. The app is currently available in the Market and can be downloaded for free. Of course, the app is free but in order to use it you will need the home device, which I previously mentioned sells for $129. Still, if you are looking for on-the-go cloud access of your home files, then $129 with no monthly fees is a pretty nice deal, if you ask me.

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