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Motorola MILESTONE goes up for sale, UK customers rejoice

December 8, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Motorola MILESTONE goes up for sale, UK customers rejoice

Looks like Android 2.0 finally made it overseas. The MILESTONE, the brother to the DROID, has finally become available for purchase via Expansys. The retailer has an exclusive right to sell the device throughout December, so for right now this is the only way to  get the phone, if you’ve been chomping at the bit waiting to get your hands on it.

The MILESTONE is, in almost every way, exactly same as the United States’ version. The same, gorgeous 3.7″ touchscreen, the ARM Cortex A8 550 MHz processor inside, and WiFi. The physical keyboard is present as well. The only difference? While the DROID has Google Navigation built-into the device (offered up by Android 2.0), the MILESTONE does not. In its place, the European version offers pinch-to-zoom technology, aka multitouch.

The MILESTONE has already been launched in Germany, via O2, so the MILESTONE isn’t new to the European region at all. But now that UK customers can go ahead and jump all over this thing, we’re wondering how many devices will fly off the shelves. As Expansys has it, you can purchase the phone for 449.99 pounds without contract, or you can pick it up with T-Mobile for 49.99 pounds, with an additional 35.00 pounds a month for the plan. Seems like a steal, compared to what we paid for the DROID here in the States. Now, all you UK Android fans out there, go get your official Android 2.0 device, and let’s start spreading the good word of Android, shall we?

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