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Motorola Droid gets rooted and praised by TIME magazine

December 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Motorola Droid gets rooted and praised by TIME magazine

Being named one of the best gadgets of the year by Time  magazine would usually warrant top billing in that headline, but not tonight, my friends. As nice it is to see an Android product finally get its due and respect from a major news source, there’s bigger things brewing in the Android world tonight: The Motorola Droid has been rooted.

A member of the AllDroid forums announced earlier this afternoon that “Droid has been rooted.” As we mentioned in our How to Understand Root Terms post, “root” is achieved when a modder discovers an exploit to gain complete access to a device. Phones are sold with limitations and security measures that prevent certain actions – like changing the ROM, optimizing functions, taking screenshots, and much more – that can only be achieved with root. It took a few weeks, but as noted modder Cyanogen pointed out earlier today, Droid Does…root.

So what does this mean if you are a new Droid owner willing to take on the dangerous task of rooting? You’re probably in store for some great new features and options. In the coming days, weeks, and months, you will see modders discover new tricks and hacks to enhance or significantly change what Droid does. When I rooted my G1, it was like night and day in terms of performance and features.

Before you get too excited, be aware of The Law of Root (it’s not a real law but it should be):

Rooting your phone is risky, can destroy your phone if a mistake is made, and will probably void the warranty. accepts absolutely no responsibility if problems arise from rooting your phone; you root at your own risk.

Visit this thread at AllDroid for more information.

Oh yeah, the Droid and the Nook were named two of the best products by TIME magazine.