Android News confirms its working on an Android app for release in 2010

December 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Uncategorized confirms its working on an Android app for release in 2010 is a popular personal finance manager that tracks bank, credit card, and investment transactions in a central location. The website is so popular that it has nearly 2 million users, many of whom have asked for an Android app to help track their finances from their mobile phones. If you are one of those people, rest assured that Mint is indeed developing an Android app.

ZDNet’s Sam Diaz learned from Mint employees that an Android app is in the pipeline, estimated for release sometime in Q1 2010 (January – March). There is no guarantee that an app will be completed by then because as Diaz puts it, Mint stresses that “With the sensitive data it’s accessing, it will not speed through app development and risk anything that would compromise the data.”

Makes sense. It’s one thing for an app to release to the Market too soon and have critical bugs that need to be addressed, but when you’re dealing with an app designed to tap into all of a user’s financial services, security reigns over speed.

The Mint support forums have featured several people asking for an Android application. When one user made the request this past April, an administrator replied, “Eventually, we plan to support any mobile platform adopted by a significant percentage of our user.” In June, Mint posted a poll that asked which platform should be supported next and Android secured about 48 percent of the vote, twice as much as its nearest competitor (Windows Mobile got 22 percent).

Android must have met the “significant percentage” threshold, so Mint users can stop wondering if they’ll receive an Android app; now they can start worrying about when they’ll receive it.