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Leaked Android 2.1 ROM showcases HTC Android code names galore

December 3, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Leaked Android 2.1 ROM showcases HTC Android code names galore

It looks like companies are still hiding future phone model code names deep within the source code of their currently operating phones. That’s great news for people like us, because it gives us a brief (very brief) insight into what’s coming. Or, probably more accurately, what HTC is at least working on at any given time. Whether that means it will come out officially is anyone’s guess, but at least this way when a phone gets announced some time down the line, we can all say, “I knew that was coming!”

The list doesn’t just show upcoming products, but also handsets that have already been released. The Hero, and all of its cousins are listen therein, along with the Dream. And look right there, we’ve got a Dragon and some Passion listed. Does that mean the Dragon and Passion are actually two independent handsets? Who knows. From what we’ve been hearing, the Dragon is another name for the Passion, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Android 2.1 ROMS

The Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Supersonic, and Halo all sound “promising”, if you are one of those people who love affectionate names for their phones. I wouldn’t mind running around, telling everyone I’m carrying around the Legend. Or, maybe just because I like something else with the same name, that Halo phone would be pretty cool. But, even with this list, we’ve got no firm details about anything in there. No release dates, no models (except for what’s already been released, obviously), and no carriers. Hopefully HTC starts officially announcing some of these handsets soon.

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