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Issuu delivers your favorite magazines direct to an Android device

December 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Issuu delivers your favorite magazines direct to an Android device

In light of all the ereader news that’s been floating through the Android atmosphere in recent weeks, I thought I’d take the time to highligh Issuu Mobile, a new ereader app that will “revolutionze the way people read on phones” according to its creators. Lofty words of priase, but does the app live up to those words? No, not yet, but I will say that this app is very well put together and a cool way to read magazines.

Issu features an “EasyRead” technology that enhances the reading experience on mobile phones without sacrificing the design elements that set magazines apart. The app intuitively formats text to make articles friendlier to the mobile platform. Publishers upload a .pdf copy of their content to the Issu website, which automatically creates the EasyRead version of the magazine. Readers can then read articles from their favorite mags and maintain the basic integrity of the design created for print.

Android is the first platform to get Issuu, and a BETA version of the application is available in the Market. Features include

  • The ability to read 1 million magazines, newspapers, and catalogs
  • Subscribe to publishers to be notified of new issues
  • Sync with a personal library
  • Social features to track what friends comment on, publish, and bookmark

But why tell you when I can just show you?