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I am starting over: How to reset the Sprint HTC Hero back to factory default settings

December 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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I am starting over: How to reset the Sprint HTC Hero back to factory default settings

I picked up my HTC Hero shortly after it was released and since then I have had a love/hate relationship with it. Overall, i think its great, I am a little disappointed that it has not yet been updated past 1.5, but given it has Sense UI I can overlook that. After all there are only a few apps that I want and cannot access, and on top of that they are nothing I cannot live without.

That said, my HTC Hero has seemed kind of sluggish and laggy and I just figured it was the phone itself, OS 1.5, the lack of decent Sprint coverage in my area and any mix of things. Honestly, for the most part it works, but something is just not right.

And for the most part I have just been willing to deal and accept, until yesterday that is. I received a review HTC DROID Eris handset from Verizon and can say that the my Hero is sluggish, especially when compared to the DROID Eris, which is also running the Sense UI with OS 1.5. Not to mention, my battery life is, and has been less than stellar. As is just with the phone sitting off the charger, I am lucky to even get a half day of use. Not to mention, if I am actively using it, I can almost watch the battery meter dropping.

Given that, I have decided to go the wipe clean and start over method. Mostly because I have most likely caused some of the issues. Maybe not the sluggishness, but probably the battery drain.

Anyway, while I am planning to do that this weekend, when the news is slower I did do some checking around on how-to actually wipe the HTC Hero clean.

Surprisingly, its a simple process, just go to Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Security -> Factory data reset. Once there just click Reset phone, then Erase everything and sit back and wait for the process to run its course.