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Hacker turns Dell netbook into giant Dell cell phone

December 31, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Devices

Hacker turns Dell netbook into giant Dell cell phone

How would you like to have a phone longer than that sub you ate for lunch and heavier than the guy who made it? That’s what you’ll get if you follow the lead of one modder who turned a Dell netbook into a Mini 3i Android phone. Hacking away at a netbook’s physical design, tweaking some of its chipsets and internal parts, and porting the Ophone Android OS over into his new Frankenstein device, the creative individual managed to turn a netbook into a fully-functional mobile phone. Then again, exactly how mobile is a phone this big?

I wonder if Dell, or another company, would consider doing something like this for an actual product. The trend right now seems to be tablets, and before that it was netbooks and smartphones. Why not converge all three into one device so users can have everything at once? Maybe the thought of a giant phone stuffed in a backpack or purse isn’t too appealing. Either way, below is a video of the hack from start-to-finish, and a brief demonstration of how the newly-created device works. Inspiron-to-Mini 3i madness may commence!

[via Gizmodo]