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General Mobile to release its own app store with new phone

December 22, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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General Mobile to release its own app store with new phone

It seems like every couple of months, I’m hearing about another Android store seeking to be an alternative to the Android Market. I learned about SlideMe several months ago, followed by the AndAppStore, Handango, Mikandi, and then the upcoming shops from Motorola and Sony. Do we really need another app Market for Android?

Yes, according to General Mobile, makers of the first dual SIM Android phone (DSTL1). General Mobile just sent me a message that they are working on a sequel to the DSTL1 that will include their own app market – Storeoid. Naturally, I had to ask why they felt the need to create yet another market alternative and received the following response:

1. Google Market is not available in many countries because of the Google restrictions ( eg. many European countries)

2. We produce some specific products. For example our DSTL1 device has a dual SIM support, and it needs some special applications.

3. Some applications will be localized from country to country

4. There is no content filtering in Google Market but we have [it in Storeoid]

5. The Google Android Market search bar does not work very well, but our search bar will work better than the actual one

Here’s a gallery of what Storeoid will look like. Keep in mind that General Mobile does not say all of these apps will appear in the market.