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Evernote for Android leaves beta, now available in the Market

December 16, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Evernote for Android leaves beta, now available in the Market

Evernote users, and those that have been curious can now head on over to the Market to download and install the Evernote app. It seems Evernote for Android has left the beta stage and is now available as a regular Market app, and the latest version is 1.1.5.

Those that have been using the beta will already know the good parts about using Evernote, however for those that may not be as familiar — think digital brain. Evernote, along with the Android app will allow you to capture image notes, upload files, text notes and even audio notes and in turn have them saved in the cloud.

Evernote is a cross platform solution that runs on Mac, Windows, has numerous browser extensions and a nice website. It also runs on a variety of mobile platforms. And what that means is you can upload your note, and then get access to it just about anywhere you may be.

Ad far as pricing, the Android app is free, and it is also free to set up an Evernote account. That said, there are a few limitations to the free account, and there are some paid versions also available. Of course, for most people looking for basic or light use, the free version will work wonderfully.

In order to download the Evernote app for Android, just launch the Market and do a search for Evernote.

[Evernote via Gizmodo]