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Dell Mini 3iX gets showcased in Brazil, Marketplace nowhere to be found

December 1, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Dell Mini 3iX gets showcased in Brazil, Marketplace nowhere to be found

Would you buy an Android device without the Marketplace readily available? Well, it looks like Dell is hoping that customers that are brave enough to purchase their first foray into the smartphone industry don’t mind, because according to the Brazilian blog site Zumo, there isn’t a Market to experience on the Mini 3iX they had a chance to play with. That’s right, it’s just not there.

So, what’s someone going to do if they want an application? Apparently, Dell wants future customers of the 3iX to go to the source to get those applications, which means customers will have to override security within their phone to make that possible. Sure, it’s a one-time check box that you activate, but it’s still a hassle. Another way that was mentioned by Chris at Engadget, is that Dell, the carrier, or perhaps both will offer proprietary stores of their own, where applications can be downloaded from them. Essentially, it’s a big hassle, and one that Dell should probably just altogether avoid if they want to actually succeed in the expanding Android market. (No pun intended.)

The Dell Mini 3iX is scheduled to release in stores in Brazil by 2010, reportedly within the first quarter. Unlike its Chinese equivalent, the Mini 3iX offers WiFi, which is a good thing — unless you want to download apps from the Marketplace on that WiFi connection. There’s also a 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen, a 3MP camera, and support for 3G. We’ll have to cross our fingers for our Brazilian Android enthusiasts, and hope beyond hope that Dell fixes this colossal mistake in time for the phone’s official release.

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