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Android Apps Alert 11: Music, news, and word games, too

December 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 11: Music, news, and word games, too

Looking for the best Android apps? Good luck finding them on your own. But if you do stumble across apps people will love, let the world know. encourages users to tweet great apps with the #androidapps tag on Twitter, and we plan to incorporate that into our weekly notifications of new, updated, or recommended apps. Get to downloading and keep telling us about those exciting #androidapps.

Happy Holidays from Androinica. In light of Christmas, apps were in short supply this week and my time to cover them was even shorter. Here are a few videos showing apps that I think you’ll enjoy. Unlike previous episodes of Android Apps Alert, these videos are split in order to make them easier to upload and share, cutting down on the time it takes for me to edit them.

NPR News


Public radio is now in your hands with NPR news, an official app from one of America’s most known media outlets. Use this application to listen to radio stations and shows from NPR, or tap into the written stories available from the news arm. Fans can browse through NPR’s popular programs or find stories by topics ranging from general news to politics, arts, and business.



English was always my best subject in school, so of course I’m going to recommend WordUp. Word nerds will enjoy this game that places letters on a board that players must connect to form words. Players can take turns competing against friends or race against a clock and test their vocabulary in a single-player game. There’s a free lite version, but I highly recommend purchasing the $1.99 upgrade because it’s well worth it.

Shoot It!


The holidays remind us to reconnect with family and friends, but apps like Shoot It! can connect you year-round. Shoot It! takes photos from a camera or SD card and adds a short message to your contacts. Once submitted, the company will send a physical postcard to the recipients address. (Prices start at $0.99 each postcard but can increase depending on region)



Clear Channel promised that it would deliver an Android version of iheartradio before Christmas. They waited until Christmas Eve, but its technically here and well received. With this application, users can listen to Clear Channel stations from various markets. Listen to your local radio, a favorite station in another city, or listen to a station centered around one artist.



We all know that the default music payer for Android is kind of disappointing, so maybe you’ll get a kick out of Museek. This media app organizes your music library visually, allowing you to browse through album covers and find similar songs. Smart shuffle can recognize if you’re skipping a lot of dance songs in favor of rock, so Museek will recognize this and play similar songs.