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Android Apps Alert 10: The Replacements are coming

December 20, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 10: The Replacements are coming

Looking for the best Android apps? Good luck finding them on your own. But if you do stumble across apps people will love, let the world know. encourages users to tweet great apps with the #androidapps tag on Twitter, and we plan to incorporate that into our weekly notifications of new, updated, or recommended apps. Get to downloading and keep telling us about those exciting #androidapps.

In the 10th edition of Android Apps Alert, we’re in double digits and full of “replacement apps.” Most of the new apps featured in this episode are gunning to replace something you already use, want to change the way you use Android, or are updates of something we’ve seen previously. Below are text explanations and QR codes for this week’s apps.

Evernote [0:25 - 3:50]


Memorizing just got easier thanks to Evernote, a note-taking app that features four ways to recall your ideas. Evernote takes snapshots, uploads files, text notes, and audio notes, and then syncs them to a member’s account. The app also supports tags for additional organization and reading notes created previously on the phone or computer.

RTM Tasks [3:51 - 5:34]


I was disappointed to discover that Astrid was unable to sync with Remember the Milk recently, so I went out looked for a replacement. RTM Tasks was the best of the free remaining options. RTM Tasks is a to-the-point app to read, edit, and add tasks to RTM. It lacks some of the notifications and filtering features seen in Astrid, but it’s a simple solution for someone who just wants the basics of RTM.

Note: Astrid has since resolved its sync issues with Remember the Milk.

Facebook [5:35 - 6:59]

The official Facebook for Android app debuted lacking some basic features even third-party apps offered. Facebook still lacks some of those features, like in-app photo browsing, and still doesn’t include an inbox, but it has improved slightly. The official Facebook app has most of the features available in the Droid version, so feel free to update and see better organization, a home tab, and the fastest solution for using Facebook on Android.

Dialify [7:00 - 9:28]


Anyone who reads this site knows that I love shortcuts, so it should surprise no one that I included Dialify in this episode. Dialify is an app the places contacts in the notification bar, providing direct access to your favorite people no matter what app you’re running. Rather than go to the homescreen or take 10 steps to use the Dialer, just swipe down and select someone to call or text.

Slacker Radio (US only) [0:10 – 2:10]


Personal radio streaming app imeem seems to be dead, so consider replacing it with Slacker Radio. Much like imeem and Pandora, Slacker creates custom stations based on user preferences on favorite artists or songs. To improve the accuracy of selections, users can change a station’s settings to play more/less hits, discover new artists, and love/ban certain songs. Though my experience has told me that Pandora is better at predicting the types of artists I want to hear, Slacker is arguably a more complete service because it has artists not available elsewhere, includes pre-made stations, and is more customizable.

Note: Users will have to order a Plus account in order to gain unlimited skips and remove ads

Ninja vs Ghosts (FREE Lite, €1.99 Pro) [2:11 - 4:26]


Ninja vs Ghosts has a simple premise: a ninja on a skateboard slides across the screen and throws weapons at ghosts. The game gets deeper because shooting a large ghost creates more ghosts and touching one leads to death. But if you can slide across the screen and send these creatures back to another realm, you’ll join the ranks of the game’s top competitors.

Fandango (BETA) [4:27 – 7:02]


Are you a movie lover who always wants to know what’s playing and where it’s playing? Fandango commonly provides those answers online, and they’re now doing the same on Android. Fandango allows users to browse the listings at their local movie theatre. Moviegoers can see what’s new in theatres, find show times, and purchase tickets directly from their phone. The app is still in beta and doesn’t have a few features seen elsewhere (like critic scores or reviews), but it does have the most basic information organized and available at a moment’s notice.

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