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Acer’s Android-based A1 Liquid now shipping in the UK

December 8, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Acer’s Android-based A1 Liquid now shipping in the UK

If you haven’t seen our discussion regarding Android’s presence in Europe, you should. It’s a surprise to us, as Android fans, that our Google-created OS isn’t raking in the fans over there across the pond, but let’s face it: there’s stiff competition, from entrenched companies who aren’t just going to back down to Google’s presence.

But that’s not stopping Acer from releasing one of the best smartphones available, specs-wise. The A1 Liquid has a 3.5″ touchscreen, a 5MP camera, 256 MB of RAM, and obviously WiFi. There’s also some custom User Interface and software modifications that Acer implemented on their own, which we outlined here. Not impressed? Probably asking yourself how it can be labled as one of the best smartphones with those kinds of specs. Well, what makes the A1 Liquid stand out is the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor deep inside the device. But, as unfortunate as it is, what makes the A1 Liquid stand out even more, is the fact that Acer decided to under-clock the processor to 768 MHz.

No, that isn’t the smartest thing for Acer to do, especially considering they would have had the first true 1 GHz-powered Android device on the market (well before the release of the rumored Passion, or confirmed Bravo). But, for whatever reason, Acer did what they did. Of course, this still means the A1 Liquid is the fastest running Android-based device available, even if every other feature is standard for the platform. So, at least in the UK, there’s a new Android device ready to start running around, all for only 286 pounds. Not bad. You can order it through Clove by following this link.

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