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Twidroid announces version 3.0, which is coming in “early December”

November 24, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Twidroid announces version 3.0, which is coming in “early December”

Thanks to a recent posting over on the Twidroid website, we are being treated to an early look as to what we can expect from Twidroid 3.0. First things first though, according to the posting, this version is expected to be released sometime in “early December.”

Of course, some of us are not able to see the Pro version in the Market — not that Twidroid is to blame for that. And yes, I am just bitter because my Sprint branded HTC Hero seems to be one of the handsets having issues.

Anyway, getting back to happier thoughts, and hoping that the Market issue gets resolved before early December, this is what we can look forward to seeing in Twidroid 3.0.

  • new: threaded conversations
  • new: twidroid plugins + examples on our website (e.g. google maps, support any photo service)
  • new: single tweet view with extended infos
  • new: remember timeline position setting
  • new: jump to top in timeline button
  • new: autocomplete usernames for replies
  • new: bring up tweet box directly by typing @
  • new: DM list now with avatars

And in addition, there was also a mention that Chinese language support and offline tweets would be coming in version 3.1.

[ via Twitter @kevinawhalen]