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T-Mobile USA distributes guide for “Best of the Best” Android apps

November 18, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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T-Mobile USA distributes guide for “Best of the Best” Android apps

It seems that T-Mobile USA is now passing out a brochure detailing what it thinks are the best apps available on Android. Customers who purchase an Android phone will receive a guide detailing some of the apps most recommended by T-Mobile and QR codes to find them.

I’ve made a couple of snide remarks about T-Mobile’s choice of apps to highlight, but I must commend this effort. This guide is a great starting point for new users to learn about QR codes and find some of the Best Android apps to play with, so I must applaud the guide even if I disagree with some of the actual apps selected to go into it.

T-Mobile has made many pitches for its Android phones – search for the G1, customization for myTouch, and social networking for CLIQ – so it’s good to see them continue promoting the thing that ties them all together – apps. An OS is only as good as the apps it offers, and T-Mobile is doing a great job of spreading that message. A couple of interesting notes on this guide:

  • Quite a few of the apps listed in this guide do not appear in T-Mobile’s App Pack. It seems T-Mobile went outside the tent to have tech writer Stewart Wolpin be the “App Master” and select the apps on this list.
  • The guide lists three emulators among the best paid games, which surprised me given the quasi-legal-semi-illegal nature of emulators. You usually don’t see major corporations sanctioning such things.
  • T-Mobile promoted Open Home and dXtop as paid apps yet they don’t mention aHome, made by the same people T-Mobile hired to create its FreshFace app.

Images courtesy of TmoNews