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T-Mobile updates AppPack with new recommendations for subscribers

November 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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T-Mobile updates AppPack with new recommendations for subscribers

T-Mobile USA has updated its AppPack program. In an effort to help new T-Mobile customers with Android phones find the best Android apps available in the market, their app recommendation program has been “refreshed.” Downloading the AppPack from the Android Market will launch a list to view by category or view all apps and get links to the Market listing for 31 of T-Mobile’s top choices.

No disrespect to the good folks at T-Mo, but I think we got ‘em beat with the Androinica Top 50 Android apps post. Sorry, I had to throw that it in there. Anyway, here are the apps included in the app pack:

  1. Abduction
  2. Cardio Trainer
  3. Currency
  4. E! Online
  5. Express News
  6. Face It
  7. Flick NBA Three-Point
  8. FlightStats for Android
  9. Guitar Solo Trial
  10. Gym Rep-O-Meter
  11. imeem
  12. Movies by Flixter
  13. Musical Lite
  14. My Account
  15. Pro Translate
  16. Qik
  17. Ringdroid
  18. Rock On Musical Player
  19. Scoreboard
  20. Sherpa
  21. SportsTap
  22. SprotyPal
  23. Steamy Window
  24. T-Mobile Hotspot
  25. Twidroid
  26. USA Today
  27. Visual Voicemail
  28. Weather Bug
  29. Wikimobile
  30. Wixel Lite
  31. WorldTour