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T-Mobile myTouch 3G facts from the Open Mobile Summit

November 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G facts from the Open Mobile Summit

Just yesterday, the Open Mobile Summit took place in San Francisco California and Cole Brodman who is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at T-Mobile USA spoke at the keynote.

During the keynote he covered topics such as the app billing and the updated AppPack.

Also, as you would expect, some of the items that he covered were in regards to the Android handsets that are being offered by T-Mobile to include the G1, myTouch 3G and the Motorola CLIQ. He even covered the yet-to-be-released Samsung Behold II.

But in addition to the phones he also noted some other interesting tidbits in regards to the myTouch3G, which included that;

  • About half myTouch users visit the Android Market at least once per day.
  • 80% of myTouch users browse the web at least once per day, and 2/3 say several times per day.
  • Nearly half of myTouch users say they have “completely customized” their myTouch.
  • More than 40% of myTouch users access social networking sites multiple times per day