Sprint branded HTC Hero gets rooted

November 11, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Sprint branded HTC Hero gets rooted

I honestly have no intention of rooting my HTC Hero, personally I am happy with the standard Sense UI that HTC offers me. But with that I am sure there is at least someone who will be happy to hear that the Sprint branded CDMA Hero has been rooted.

Of course, this news must come with the standard warning. If you proceed to test this out, do not, do not blame me is something goes wrong. That said, have fun and play.

I should point out though, that despite it being possible to root your Sprint HTC Hero there is not much you can really do just yet. The good news is now that the rooting is possible, we will most likely see some customs ROM’s surface.

With that, if you are still interested in moving forward, here is a link to the how-to over on the xda-developers forums. And with that, if you decide to go the rooted Hero route, please share your experience in the comments. Maybe I just need a good reason to convince me to play.

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