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Sears Wireless offering the Motorola Droid for $149.99

November 6, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Sears Wireless offering the Motorola Droid for $149.99

It seems that you can learn something new every day, and personally I learned that Sears sells cellphones. Now normally I am not so sure I would be ready to head over to Sears for my cellphone needs, but this offer is similar to the Best Buy pricing. Well similar in the fact that the rebates are not mail-in but instant.

The Sears offer though is $50 cheaper than everywhere else, which means that new Verizon Wireless customers can pick up a Motorola Droid for $149.99.

This price is after instant discounts, which means nothing to fill out and no gift card to wait 6-8 weeks for. And that is just $149.99, well $149.99 plus tax. And on top of that they are even throwing in free shipping via Fed-Ex.

Of course, I should point out that according to I4U, the Sears Wireless website is being run by Simplexity. Those are the same folks that run Wirefly. But still — Sears Wireless.

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