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Rumor: Sprint HTC Hero dropping to $99 at Best Buy

November 16, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: Sprint HTC Hero dropping to $99 at Best Buy

Late yesterday afternoon a new rumor surfaced dealing with the Sprint branded HTC Hero and the possibility of a price drop. Unfortunately there is little to no details that come along with this rumor.

What we can tell you however is that (according to BGR) the HTC Hero is going to be selling for $99. Of course, there is a catch with that new lower price. The Hero will still require a two-year agreement and this price will be a Best Buy offer.

And that is it, of course, we will keep you updated when more information becomes available. Until then, it looks like it will still be the regular price. Still, if you were considering the purchase of an HTC Hero it may be beneficial to hold off for a day or two.

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