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Review roundup: The Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid

November 7, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Review roundup: The Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid

We have been covering the Motorola Droid news for a while now, and with that it is nice to see the Droid actually available. The release was yesterday and I am sure there are many that ran out to pick one up. That said, I would also be willing to guess that there are plenty of people that are holding back a little until they check out some more reviews.

Based on that I took the opportunity to do a quick roundup of some Droid reviews. Of course, the more user reviews the better. So if you picked up a Droid, shout out in the comments and let us know what your thoughts are.

I will say that as you would expect, the reviews are a nice mix of the good and bad points. After all, no phone is perfect. They also contain more than enough comparisons to the iPhone. If nothing else they do bring up some good points. Anyway, without further adieu, here is a handful of Motorola Droid reviews.

PC Mag (Rated four out of five, or “Very Good”)

“The Motorola Droid is the future of Verizon Wireless, and the future looks bright.”

All Things Digital

“The Droid’s screen has only three panels for displaying apps, versus 11 on the iPhone, and some large apps, called widgets, hog much of the space on these panels.”

“The Droid is potentially a big win for Verizon, Motorola and Google, as well as for loyal Verizon customers.”

New York Times

“So is it true? Is the Droid an iPhone killer?
No, but it’s certainly a killer phone. It runs on Verizon’s superior cellphone network, so it won’t drop your calls in New York City and San Francisco (as AT&T often does on the iPhone).”

“You’ll be very happy either way — with your shiny new app phone.”


“These things are true about Droid: The camera’s not great; the keyboard isn’t mindblowing; Android 2.0 lacks the polish and multimedia prowess to completely match the iPhone. What’s also true is that a killer design, Google’s services, Android’s exploding app ecosytem, powerful multitasking, a stunning screen and Verizon’s network still make it the second best phone you can buy right now, after the iPhone.
At the same time, there’s reason to pause. Android is evolving more rapidly than any other smartphone platform, both in terms of the hardware and software. When HTC’s Hero came out, it crushed every other Android phone out there. Just a couple short months later, Droid is on top. In four months, we’ll probably see a new champion. That Droid sets such a high bar for everything after might be the best thing about it.”


“So, is the DROID a good smartphone? Yes, the DROID is an excellent smartphone with many (if not all) of the features that a modern user would expect, and if you’re a Verizon customer, there probably isn’t a more action packed device on the network. That’s not to say the device doesn’t have its faults;”


“All in all, the Verizon DROID by Motorola sets the bar for all new Android devices and is arguably the best Android device to date. The natural comparison is always going to be the iPhone 3GS, and while the DROID lacks the Apple handset’s finesse and polish, it’s only a few steps behind.”