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Rant: Getting annoyed with a changing icon

November 18, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rant: Getting annoyed with a changing icon

I do not often post (in fact I am pretty sure I have never posted) a personal complaint of mine, but I have one issue that is just bugging me to no end. And the reason why it is so annoying is that it happens EVERY time I reboot my phone. I am also wondering what little quirks others are having with Android so this seemed like a good way to share a few stories.

Just to give a background, I am currently using a Sprint-branded HTC Hero and the annoyance is dealing with the icon for the Remember The Milk app. Which by the way, should normally be the head of a cow.

Anyway, every time I reboot my Hero, the icon switches from what it should be to a thin vertical red line, which you can see in the image below.

Granted its not really a big deal, the app still works fine. Honestly I just cannot stand looking at it. Of course, a quick uninstall and reinstall of the app corrects the issue everytime. And while I would prefer it to not happen at all, at least there is a quick fix, not to mention the RTM app has no data stored locally. Its all synced with the cloud, so a quick login after the reinstall and I have my tasks and todo’s back in hand.

Like I said, not a big deal, just a big annoyance. So now that I shared mine, lets sound off in the comments with yours.