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Official change log for the Sprint HTC Hero software update

November 19, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Official change log for the Sprint HTC Hero software update

As many of us Sprint HTC Hero users have learned, there was a recent software update. And while many of us applied that update and began digging around, the official change log was nowhere to be found — until now.

Anyway, direct from the Sprint Community Forums, here is what was changed and corrected.

HTC Hero Software Enhancement SW 1.56.651.2 provides feature updates and enhancements to address the following:

  • Improvement to camera picture quality
  • DST (Daylight Savings Time) issue addressed
  • Unable to receive SMS due to full memory
  • Memory leak when Bluetooth is in connecting state
  • 3.5mm mono when not using headset with mic
  • Dialer application causing excess battery draw

Important note:  Dedicated Mute/Speaker buttons have been added to the Talk screen

Additionally, once you perform the update, you can then verify that it is in place by pressing Menu -> Settings -> About phone. Then look for Software version, which should read “1.56.651.2″

Of course, if you were holding off or were not sure where to go. Just hit Settings -> About Phone -> System updates -> Firmware update.

[via Sprint Community Forums]