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Motorola’s Droid may be most popular Android phone yet

November 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News

Motorola’s Droid may be most popular Android phone yet

The HTC Dream was the first Android handset to reach consumers, and after a year, it appears to be the most-used Android phone. However, according to data from AdMob, the Motorola Droid is fast on the Dream’s heels of claiming the number one spot as most-used Android phone.

Despite being available for less than a month and only in the United States, the Droid has already snagged 24 percent of the market share of Android devices accessing AdMob apps. The HTC Magic sits at third with 21 percent and the Dream leads all devices with 36 percent.

The figures are based on AdMob data gathered from more than 15,000 mobile websites and smartphone apps, so they are not an exact representation of each phone’s popularity. However, the data is indicative of the fast rise of the Motorola Droid, estimated to have sold as much as 250,000 units in less than a month. Considering the short time it took for the phone to account for so much usage of AdMob’s ad network, there’s a good chance that the Droid could become the most prolific Android phone as more G1 owners upgrade to new devices or newcomers opt for the features of Android 2.0 available on the Droid.


Other highlights from AdMob’s reports include:

Overall requests from Android devices increased 5.8 times since April 2009. In the U.S., Android accounts for 20% of smartphone traffic.

HTC’s early adoption of Android makes it a leader in the sector, accounting for 3 of the Top 4 devices and at least 65% of Android users who access AdMob content.

HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) usage has declined slightly in the UK but risen slightly in the US.

The HTC Hero accounts for 8% of Android users, while the Cliq has 6% and all others only 5% of users. I’m assuming the “other” includes the Galaxy, Tattoo, Pulse, and other less popular devices.


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