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Motorola Droid to launch in Germany as the Milestone

November 2, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Motorola Droid to launch in Germany as the Milestone

It has been confirmed by way of the German language Motorola website, O2 and Vodafone will also be releasing the Motorola Droid. Of course, over in Germany the Droid will be called the Motorola Milestone, which personally I think that sounds like a much cooler name.

That aside, the Milestone will be available as of November 9. Which is just a few days after the November 6 release date that we have here in the US with Verizon Wireless.

Of course, the Milestone will not be the exact same handset as found here in the US, instead this will be a GSM model, which could potentially be imported into the US. A few other goodies include that the Milestone will feature “pinch and zoom” a feature that is not included on the Verizon branded Droid.

Additionally, it will also feature MOTONAV turn-by-turn directions as opposed to Google’s newest offering that is found on the Verizon branded model.

Price wise, it looks like the Milestone will be €404.20 before taxes (about $595 US).

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