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More information: Verizon Wireless tethering for the Motorola Droid

November 7, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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More information: Verizon Wireless tethering for the Motorola Droid

A few days back we saw reports that the tethering option for the Motorola Droid would set users back $15 a month, well, it seems like there is a little more to that story.

According to the latest reports, the tethering option will be $30 a month. But while that initially sounds bad, there is a bright side to this story.

By signing up for the tethering option, you are really adding a second (in addition to your regular) data plan. This is where the good news comes in because you will now have two data plans available — each with their ‘unlimited’ transfer limits. Of course, it is important to note that Verizon defines ‘unlimited’ as being capped at 5GB.

Anyway, in short, if you sign up for tethering with your Droid, you will have the data on your phone and also the data while tethering. That means two plans, and each will have the unlimited 5GB caps.

So yea, you will be paying a total of $60 bucks for data, but consider this — I am, along with many other users paying $60 bucks a month for the access with the MiFi. And on that note, this almost seems like a bargain.

Finally, the tethering is not yet available and will remain that way until sometime in 2010. The reasoning behind the delay, at least according to a Verizon spokesperson is that “the service has to be tested on the phone so until we know it works, we don’t offer the service.”

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