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“Limited Edition” Prototype Motorola Droid now listed on eBay

November 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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“Limited Edition” Prototype Motorola Droid now listed on eBay

I guess this one may be nice for someone looking for something a little different — currently up for auction is what is being described as a brand new limited edition “Prototype Motorola Droid.”

According to the listing, this Droid is a pre-release version, of which only five were made. It was also noted as being made for one of the Motorola engineers. Differences between this and a regular store bought Droid include a chrome bezel, silver buttons and “enhanced LED lighting” on the front screen buttons.

Additionally, this Droid is said to be unopened, brand new and running Android 2.0.

Surprisingly, the auction is still reasonably priced at $510 US. Of course, with that said there are still 3 days left on this auction, which means there is still plenty of time for this price to increase.

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