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HTC Passion and Verizon spend some time together

November 28, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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HTC Passion and Verizon spend some time together

At least on a website. Oh, and don’t forget our hopes and dreams. This one is a short one, as we don’t really have much to go on here except a working link, and a pretty hazy picture, but we can’t help but get excited about this. Even if there is a possibility that it is fake.

The HTC Passion is a phone that we’ve mentioned a few times, but let’s catch up on the basics real quick. First and foremost, this is the first Android-powered device to truly run a 1 GHz, Snapdragon processor under its hood. If you’ve got a good memory for random Android phones that are released, then you’ll probably remember the Acer Liquid, which was also carrying a 1 GHz processor within the casing. The Liquid doesn’t actually run at 1 GHz, as Acer chose to underclock the processor to somewhere in the 700 MHz range, which means that the Passion could, if everything goes according to plan, be the (legitimately) fastest running Android device available on the market. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that the Passion is set to launch with Android’s Eclair, or Android 2.0, along with HTC’s Sense UI. Sense 2.0, more or less.

Now, this website. As you can see from the picture above, this thing can be hit or miss. It’s really up to you whether or not you want to believe its legitimacy, we guess.  But considering the mumblings of the phone’s existence haven’t gone away, and the “holiday season” is quickly approaching, there’s no reason why this site couldn’t be real.  Here’s the fine print: “Coming Holiday 2009.”  We’ve got our fingers crossed in any case, and we hope that we get to see some kind of official statement here in the coming weeks. If anything, just so that we know there’s an update to Sense around the corner. Yeah, that’d be nice.

[Thanks, Nick via HTC Passion website]