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Droid vs. iPhone — in xkcd comic form

November 13, 2009 | by Robert Nelson


Droid vs. iPhone — in xkcd comic form

Its always nice when you can wake up on a Friday morning, and see a funny comic to start the day. And that was just the case for me this morning. In my normal morning browsing of the web I came across this nice little Droid vs. iPhone comic.

And while I am not afraid to admit that I like and use an HTC Hero and iPhone 3GS on a daily basis I still like to see the funny jabs that either side can give or take.

In this instance, the iPhone and the App Store become the butt of the joke due to the lack of keyboard and app rejections.

Anyway, welcome to Friday. Enjoy. And for those that have not really followed the xkcd comics, they are great and worthy of a quick morning read.


[via xkcd]