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Battery life tips for the HTC Hero

November 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Battery life tips for the HTC Hero

Browsing around the interwebs, I recently came across a nice (albeit older) thread over on gdgt dealing with the battery life, or more specifically the lack thereof in regards to the HTC Hero. And as a Hero user myself, one that is still tinkering I am looking for all the help that I can get because I am far from being able to get through the day without a recharge or two or three.

Anyway, I will say that I am typically not a fan of these improve your battery life types of posts because they generally tell you to turn things off. That said, they do help, and I guess I truly do not need to be running things like GPS and Bluetooth all the time. Not to mention, I do not need my Twitter app polling every 15 minutes. But hey, that is why I bought a smartphone, its just a shame the battery cannot keep up with me.

Below is a summarized list of the tips, but you can always hit the read link below to see the tips with a full description.

  • Turn off the “Always-on” mobile data connection.
  • Disable Wireless network usage for positioning purposes
  • Turn off “Background data” usage (but not if you use Google services!)
  • Always keep Wi-Fi off when not in use – automate this with Y5 Battery Saver app
  • Always keep Bluetooth off when not in use
  • Avoid usage of push or very frequent email polling – configure it to sync every 15 or more minutes
  • Turn off automatic Weather updates (and other data polling widgets)
  • Set a reasonable update frequency for Twitter, Flicker and Facebook
  • Get a fast mobile network connection to minimize data connection uptime

So, any other HTC Hero users, or Android users in general have any battery improvement tips to share or add.

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