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Android Apps Alert Vol. 5: Food, photos, and world domination (November 14)

November 15, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert Vol. 5: Food, photos, and world domination (November 14)

Looking for the best Android apps? Good luck finding them on your own. But if you do stumble across something people will love, let the world know. encourages users to tweet great apps with the #androidapps tag on Twitter, and we plan to incorporate that into our weekly notifications of new, updated, or recommended apps. Get to downloading and keep telling us about those exciting #androidapps.

In the fifth edition of Android Apps Alert, we’re talking food, photos, contacts, and world domination. Since our last episode, we saw the debut of crossover iPhone apps and updates to Android originals that make these apps well worth having. Two video previews of these apps are below, along with text explanations and QR codes for those who want to focus on the words only.

Photoshop (U.S. only) [0:42 - 3:05]


Adobe PhotoShop is an industry standard in the design world, and Adobe has released a mobile version of the app designed for novices looking to edit photos.  It doesn’t take a design pro to use the ultra-simple Photoshop Android app. Users can easily crop, change brightness or saturation, and apply tints or soft focus to their images. This is a great way to tweak your personal photos and users can even store and share those images online with a Mobile account. (U.S. only) [3:06 - 5:44]


Americans have an unhealthy addiction to television; allow me to be an enabler and talk about Much like the Sprint TV app, allows streaming of full episodes of select network and cable shows. It also has the ability to track favorite shows, mainly from CBS-owned networks, and original short clips that playback smoothly over Wi-Fi. Video clips from CBS News, StupidVideos, and…holy crap! MacGyver episodes!

Bump [5:45 - 7:34]


I’m always happy to see popular iPhone apps gain Android support, and contact exchange app Bump is the latest app to make the transition. Bump allows users to easily share contacts and photos by tapping two compatible phones. When the phones touch, phone numbers or attachments transfer from one to the other, allowing easy share. The obvious downside is that both phones must have Bump, but at least you’re able to bump cross-platform to an iPhone.

ZAGAT TO GO ‘10 ($9.99) [0:00 - 2:53]


Finding a restaurant has never been easier since the release of ZAGAT TO GO. Tapping into Zagat’s database of restaurant, nightlife, and hotel guides, TO GO provides filtering services that make it easy to find the right place to eat, drink, and sleep. The app can filter according to service, decor, cost, cuisine, and other categories. Want a Nicaraguan restaurant with a nice decor and $25 or less menu? How about a hotel with a gym and Wi-Fi? Search away.

Jarman’s ReverseLookup [2:54 - 4:10]


Not knowing the number shown on a caller ID can cause people to ignore calls or wonder who is trying to reach them. Wonder less with Jarman’s ReverseLookup, an Android app that reveals the name attached to that number. Jarman supports phone databases in 12 countries and languages. In addition to seeing caller information when available, users can enter a number to search for its registered owner. This is not full-proof, especially with cell phone numbers, but nonetheless useful.

Age of Conquest: Europe ($4.99, Free Demo version) [4:10 -8:01]


World Domination is very much a possibility in the turn-based game Age of Conquest: Europe. In a Risk-like strategy game, players compete against warring kingdoms battling for control of Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. By spending money to recruit soldiers, build towers, fortify kingdoms, and move forces into other territories, Age of Conquest uses tactical moves to control the world. Gamers can face only an artificial intelligence at the moment, but a multiplayer version is in the works. Play the demo app BEFORE purchasing to ensure that this is the kind of game that will pique your interests.