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Acer Liquid A1 gets previewed and pictured: customized, but not much

November 4, 2009 | by Evan Selleck

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Acer Liquid A1 gets previewed and pictured: customized, but not much

Some things never change. A phone gets announced, a few pictures leak out, and then lo’ and behold we’ve got specifications that (sometimes) makes you drool over what’s coming down the pipe. For at least a few people out there, the Acer Liquid was that phone. At least on paper. And in the Android world, where customization is becoming bigger than probably could have been predicted, it was up to Acer to develop a phone that would put them on the map, especially considering this is their first effort in the growing Android line-up. The fine people over at Unwired were able to get their hands on a model, and were happy enough to give the rest of us a little preview.

Just as a quick refresher, there’s a few firsts with the introduction of the Liquid. Right off the top, we’ve got the first-ever WVGA Android-powered device, which was just enabled with the 1.6 (Donut) update. And, last but certainly not least, is that Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon CPU, which is running at 768 MHz.

From what they could tell, there was some modifications made to the standard Android User Interface, but nothing as groundbreaking as Sense (as seen on the HTC Hero), or MOTOBLUR (firmly placed on the Motorola CLIQ). In fact, outside of the dialer and the camera UI, nothing much else has changed. That could be because Acer apparently wanted to focus on applications, as they’ve done some interesting things in this department. Adding a well-established social media, web-based application like urFooz, which links automatically to the social networking profiles like Twitter and Facebook, along with your contacts on your phone. And with Acer Share, users can share uploaded images directly from the phone to Facebook and Flickr.

In the end, Unwired seems to be pleased. Acer’s first foray with Android looks to be a success, with a strong competitor in the midst to what’s still coming from other manufacturers. With that whole social networking thing down, Acer hasn’t left anything to guesswork. And let’s not forget that Snapdragon processor, shall we? We’ll have to wait and see where this phone is going, outside of Europe of course, but here in the States we can certainly start crossing our fingers. After all, AT&T is still missing out in all of this Android goodness.

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