Will Verizon offer the HTC Hero as the HTC Desire?

October 22, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Will Verizon offer the HTC Hero as the HTC Desire?

What’s got HTC Sense, looks strikingly similar to the CDMA version HTC Hero, and has Verizon branding ontop of the phone? Not this guy. It’s this dark sneak shot of what’s reported to be the HTC Desire.

The Desire earned FCC approval back in September but we didn’t know much about the device. We still don’t know much that can be confirmed, but we have a big clue based on the form of the device pictured. Though it’s only a grainy shot in the dark, Desire resembles the Sprint Hero. If these CDMA versions are the same phone appearing on different networks, you already know that I’ll be a fan.

Until the Droid started gaining traction, Verizon was very quiet on the Android front. Boy, are they making up for lost time with the Desire, the fourth Verizon-branded Android phone that we’ve seen (Droid, Calgary, and the unnamed). Looks like it’s time for me to start befriending some Verizon employees.