Sprint Hero “REV A/REV 0″ problem is just a display error

October 12, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Sprint Hero “REV A/REV 0″ problem is just a display error

There have been reports and complaints coming in that Sprint Hero users aren’t able to connect to the fastest version of Sprint’s network. A number of users say that their Hero connects to REV 0 rather than REV A, which has faster data transfer speeds.

It turns out that this is actually a display error rather than a connection issue. When I read about this problem earlier today, I contacted Sprint and received the following statement:

We recently discovered that Sprint’s HTC Hero is showing a static message which reads CDMA – EV-DO Rev 0 in its status settings whether or not the device is on Rev A speeds. In most cases, the device is performing on Rev A speeds even if the message reads Rev 0. This message error is not impacting the performance of the device in any way and will be corrected with the next maintenance release. The handset is fully capable of EV-DO Rev. A data speeds and you will receive these speeds in Sprint’s extensive EV-DO Rev. A coverage areas where available.

Though the incorrect display can be a little confusing, Sprint owners should be happy to know that they are likely on REV A even if the phone doesn’t say it. Contrary to initial suggestions, the connection problems are not about whether or not phones come with a “with Google” branding on the back. Most people should be experiencing the REV A speeds in markets where it is available, so it seems this issue for most users can be laid to rest.