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Rumor: AT&T to release the HTC Hero in early 2010

October 21, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: AT&T to release the HTC Hero in early 2010

It is time for a revisited rumor — this one is dealing with AT&T and the possible release of the HTC Hero. First things first though, this is certainly not the first we have heard this, after all the rumor has been circulating since back in early July when we saw the FCC listing for the HTC Hero.

Anyway, to add to the rumor train, phoneArena has recently published a post that states they have received word from a tipster who has told them that firmware for an AT&T branded HTC Hero is currently being worked on.

Moving on, it was stated that AT&T could be ready to release the Hero sometime in early 2010.

Unfortunately, other than the word of the tipster there is nothing really to this story. That said, personally it would be nice to see, mainly because I have recently picked up the Hero with Sprint and while I love the phone, the Sprint coverage in my area is less than stellar. And yes, despite the numerous complaints about AT&T, my area is wonderful in terms of AT&T voice and 3G data.

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