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Rhapsody to release Android app “by year’s end”

October 5, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Rhapsody to release Android app “by year’s end”

RealNetworks is working on bringing their music streaming service to the Android platform soon. A team of reps from Real made an appearance at the GDGT party in New York City and teased attendees that they were indeed in the process of delivering an Android app to stream music to your phone.

Rhapsody was seen on a myTouch 3g with a label stating “Start taking requests,” showing that their music subscription service will come to Android soon. While mentioning their plans to upgrade performance and sound quality for the iPhone version of Rhapsody, the Real team also confirmed that Android is coming soon. During their demo, they also stated that they are working on an offline-compatible playback mode.  All of the American readers who have been waiting on Spotify to bring their service stateside may be intrigued to hear that.

It was reported back in August that Rhapsody would probably deliver an Android app at some point, but Real has slightly narrowed that timeframe of finishing sometime in the next 3 months.

Lacy Kemp said on the RealNetworks blog

“We’re running [our Android app] through testing as we speak and will have it live for you before the end of the year. As a teaser, check out this shot of the Android app on the myTouch.”